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Dental Cleanings on Pelham Parkway

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Dental Cleanings on Pelham Parkway
Dental Cleanings on Pelham Parkway

Plaque is the number one enemy of your teeth and gums. It forms on your teeth and if not removed in a timely fashion, erodes your tooth enamel to form cavities and leads to gum irritation, inflammation, and eventually infection. Most of the plaque in your mouth is removed when you brush and floss daily. But not all of it. What is left can hide between teeth and in gum pockets, wreaking havoc and threatening your oral health. Plaque hardens into the more stubborn tartar, which cannot be removed by brushing and flossing at all. The answer is our dental cleanings on Pelham Parkway.

Strong and vibrant teeth and gums start with your diet. Eating healthfully and watching how much sugar you consume in your foods and drinks is step one. Your oral hygiene routine is step two. And the third important step is a twice yearly visit to our dentist so that you can get an exam, x-rays, and our dental cleanings on Pelham Parkway. Any cavities that are detected will be filled and if signs of early gum disease are found, a dental cleaning is often enough to reverse it and get you started back on the right track. That’s just one of the benefits of a professional cleaning.

As mentioned earlier, not only plaque but also tartar will be eliminated by our dental cleanings on Pelham Parkway. Any food remnants will also be removed. The result for you is a fresh mouth that is no longer being attacked by these culprits for causing tooth decay and gum disease. If left unchecked, the effects of plaque and tartar can end up with deeper cavities and fillings, which is associated with a much greater risk of an infection in the pulp area of your tooth. That could mean the pain that requires root canal therapy. Or your tooth could become so badly decayed that the only option that remains is to have it removed. And gums can become infected too. You could lose gum tissue or bone tissue and your teeth can even become loose as your gums cease to be a solid foundation for them But all of that can be avoided with twice yearly cleanings. If you’re overdue, call us today and schedule yours.

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