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Pediatric Dentist in the Bronx

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Pediatric dental exams and cleanings in Bronx

Pediatric dentist in the Bronx
Pediatric dentist in the Bronx

Optimal oral wellness is vital for your child, and a big part of that is represented by our pediatric dental exams and cleanings. In addition to the expert and gentle care that our pediatric dentist in the Bronx, Marvin Frimmer DDS, provides, we are also pleased to have created and maintained a friendly, welcoming environment. Your child will feel completely at ease here.

Your child’s first visit to our pediatric dentist in the Bronx will consist of a full examination and cleaning, but before that, she or he will have a chance to meet everyone and to find out what the tools and equipment are for. Becoming familiar with them makes them seem less intimidating. The checkup itself begins with a visual and physical inspection of his or her teeth, along with taking x-rays to detect any cavities early on. Baby (primary) teeth are particularly prone to cavities from tooth decay. Our pediatric dentist in the Bronx wants to prevent your child from getting toothaches, infections, and possibly losing a tooth before it was meant to fall out naturally. If that does occur, other teeth may shift. And that can close off the room for adult (permanent) teeth to erupt later. Teeth cleanings can provoke some initial resistance, mostly because of the sound. But your child will grow used to it, and for the most part it is not a difficult experience. As with other aspects of her or his visit, Dr. Frimmer will explain why it’s being done and what to expect. It’s important to remove plaque that has escaped at-home oral hygiene, as well as hardened tartar. Those bacterial substances are primarily responsible for tooth decay to begin with.

Call us today and schedule his or her first visit to our pediatric dentist in the Bronx¬†office. Your child’s dental health is too precious to leave it to chance.

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