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Bronx Affordable Dentist

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Affordable dental care in Bronx

Bronx affordable dentist
Bronx affordable dentist

At the practice of Marvin Frimmer DDS, we are dedicated to affordable dental care because we believe that everyone should have access to the routine maintenance, treatments, and procedures that combine to promote optimal oral health. No one should put off a visit to our office because it does not fit in the budget, and our fees are set to make certain that you are able to get the dental attention you need. That goes double for your children, and our Bronx affordable dentist provides focused, expert pediatric care, as well.

The foundation that is key to cavity-free teeth and vibrant, pink gums is a twice-yearly dental examination and teeth cleaning. It is dental plaque, the sticky, invisible film, that erodes tooth enamel to form cavities, and also reddens and irritates gums. Most of it is removed with your brushing in the morning, and your brushing and flossing at bedtime. However, plaque is sneaky. It hides in gum pockets and out of reach of your oral hygiene, then turning into hardened tartar. You will not be able to eliminate tartar buildup on your own. It takes a trip to see our Bronx affordable dentist, where you will get a teeth cleaning. If you skip the visit or delay it, you are putting your teeth and gums at risk. Our office provides dental fillings, including tooth-colored ones, as well as other restorations such as crowns, bridges, and dentures. When root canals and extractions are needed, you can trust us for gentle and skilled care. We even offer injection-free local anesthesia. And with cosmetic treatment that includes veneers and teeth whitening, your teeth will look as good as they are healthy. You can even get advanced gum therapy done here.

Schedule an appointment to come in and see our Bronx affordable dentist. Contact our office right now to arrange one.

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