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Teeth cleanings in Pelham Gardens

Teeth cleanings supplement your own oral hygiene regimen at home, but they do more than that. They also offer vital protection against advanced gum disease. Our Pelham Gardens dentist, Marvin Frimmer DDS is dedicated to being proactive, and twice-yearly cleanings are the epitome of that.

The primary reason to get our teeth cleanings is because of tartar buildup. When film-like dental plaque is not eliminated from your teeth and gums in a timely fashion, it hardens, and that is what tartar is. It’s important to brush at least twice per day, and floss once, but some dental plaque can manage to escape and stay out of reach. Once it has turned to crusty tartar, it takes a professional cleaning to eradicated it. Once per six month period is generally sufficient, but since tartar can cause tooth decay and the resulting cavities, you certainly do not want to skip your regular visit or postpone it for too long. Gum disease is another major concern regarding your oral health, and the early stage of it is known as gingivitis. The symptoms that are typically linked to it are redness and mild irritation, but it’s also possible that you might not be aware you have gingivitis until you see our Pelham Gardens dentist for your regular checkup. The good news is that teeth cleanings reverse the effects of gingivitis, steadily returning your gums to their normal pink and vibrant state. And equally crucial is that gum disease will not progress to the advanced stage of periodontitis. Inflammation, infection, loss of gum and bone tissue, and maybe loose teeth are just a few of the potential consequences of periodontitis.

Our Pelham Gardens dentist looks forward to seeing you for a full oral examination and teeth cleaning. Contact our office today and set up a time for your next appointment.

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