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Bronx Emergency Dentist

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Toothaches in Bronx

Toothaches are definitely cause for concern. If you ever experience oral pain, it is important that you visit a dentist as soon as you can, and an emergency dentist if possible. An emergency dentist can likely provide you with immediate care and with the prompt attention that your medical condition requires. In some cases, oral pain is caused by a serious problem and like other medical emergencies, it should be treated with prompt care. To learn more about what kind of care you might need for a toothache, our Bronx emergency dentist, Marvin Frimmer DDS, can help.

When it comes to dental problems, it’s important that you don’t put them off. Like any other kind of medical emergency, you should seek immediate dental attention if you experience oral pain and toothaches, or even if you suspect you may have a cavity or gum disease specifically. For other concerns, you may want to visit a hospital or emergency room, but when it comes to dental concerns, you want to make sure that you see in emergency dentist. The dentist may not always be on call at an emergency room or hospital, but with a dentist that provides urgent care, you stand a better chance of getting the specific attention you need exactly when you need it. Sometimes, dental issues crop up between checkups and cleanings, but you may not be able to schedule a visit with your regular dentist on the fly. If you need to see a dentist immediately, then our Bronx emergency dentist, Marvin Frimmer DDS, is here to help. Whether you have a toothache, a broken tooth, or any other kind of oral pain or condition, Dr. Frimmer is here to provide you with the immediate care you require to restore your dental health.

If you ever need a Bronx emergency dentist, look no further than Marvin Frimmer DDS. Call our offices to learn about the procedures we provide or visit us if you ever have an emergency.

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